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The turnkey platform to meet the expectations of your patients!
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Tele-medical consultation, why not you?

COVID-19 has changed your patients' expectations and their habits.

  • Be there for your patients when they need it.
  • Adopt a safe practice.
  • Continue your activity with confidence.

Perform a real medical consultation remotely. It's simple, quick and reimbursed like a physical consultation.

How it works ?

The patient makes an appointment and pays online

Your platform presents your agenda and allows 100% secure online payment.

💡 Your availability can be configured in a few clicks directly from your dashboard.

You contact him at the time of the appointment

Define the communication channel of your choice: Phone, Whatsapp, Skype ...

💡 Perform your consultations in comfort and tranquility. Ensure a safe and secure practice in times of pandemic and even after!

Send him prescriptions & other documents

A secure customer area allows you to send him prescriptions, treatment sheets and any other document ...

💡 The CRM integrated into your dashboard keeps a secure history of exchanges and allows you to communicate with your customers afterwards.

Your dashboard, available on mobile and computer.

  • Update your site in a few clicks: customer information ...
  • Update your tele-consultation slots , view your diary, configure patient reminders ...
  • Communication with your patients : messaging, transmission of prescriptions and treatment sheets ...
  • 100% secure payment platform, sending payment links ...

Over 50 key features

Professional website - Manage your calendars - Secure payments - CRM


Your professional website

Accessible on computer, tablet, mobile

Connect your own domain name and benefit from optimized SEO in order to be perfectly referenced on search engines.

Changes are made in a few clicks from your dashboard.

Your online agenda

A tailor-made configuration

Log in to your space to organize slots and present your availability.

  • Configure the duration of your consultations
  • Block certain days / slots
  • An automatic reminder is sent to your patients before the consultation

Online payments

100% secure

Fill in your banking information in your dashboard and accept payments online instantly.

  • Reimburse your patients in one click if needed
  • Payment links can be configured and sent to patients on request

Sending Documents

Photos, scans, PDF ...

Once the consultation has been completed, transfer in a 100% secure way: prescription, treatment sheet, sick leave, etc.

  • The patient receives his documents by email
  • The documents are saved under the customer file, within the CRM integrated into your dashboard

CRM Tool

At the service of your doctor-patient relationship

Communicate with your patients quickly and easily.

  • Share important information and new regulations
  • Select your audience : your entire patient base, according to age, geographic area, medical condition, etc.
  • Get a complete overview of the engagement generated by your email campaign: open rate, click-through rate ...

Patient Ratings

Your patients return it to you ⭐️

After each consultation, invite your patients to share their feelings.

- Publish (or not 😊) their rating and comment on your site
- Invite them to publish their review on your Google page

Featured client: Dr. Brakha - General Practician

Doctor Brakha switched to online consultation at the start of COVID Lockdown. 

With more than 2,000 online consultation held on Whatsapp, she is using the platform on auto pilot to allow her clients to book appointments.
She received 374 reviews, with an average of 4.92 / 5 score.

She do not own a computer and use the platform on iPad and iPhone.
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Featured client: Dr. Benchetrit - General Practician

Doctor Benchetrit switched to online consultation at the start of COVID Lockdown. 

With more than 2,300 online consultation, including 730 after 8pm held on Whatsapp video, he is using the platform on auto pilot to allow his clients to book appointments.
He received 362 reviews, with an average of 4.88 / 5 score.

He is an android phone and a laptop to manage the platform
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